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  • Best Way to Determine Link Value
    Life is not about equality. And the same can be said about your backlinks. If they're not all equal, what's the best way to determine link value? Let's answer the question with a nifty infographic courtesy of Brian from Backlinko and Annalisa from Pole Position Marketing. The post Best Way to Determine Link Value appeared […]
  • The Passive Print System Master Class
    Special Live Webinar With Adam Nolan: Tuesday January 20th You may think that traditional print products like books, magazines and newspapers have become ancient history. We live in the digital age, right? We read ebooks not “books”… At least that’s what I thought. In fact, that’s what a lot of people think… and this mistaken […]
  • What’s Working in SEO with Brian Dean
    What's working right now in SEO? To help answer this question Brian Dean from dropped by to chat and share his insight. Brian is not only a well respected authority on the subject but also a great resource for information. Plus he isn't shy about sharing details about what is working in his own […]
  • How to Start Your Sales Copy
    Your product (or service) is awesome. And people will rejoice in the streets if they just try it. Only one hurdle left. Writing a sales message that conveys all the benefits your product offers. Easy enough, right? Starting a sales message can be overwhelming. But you can avoid that feeling by simply starting off on […]
  • The State of the SERPS: Does Spam Still Work?
    This post is not about spamming your way to the top. However I do want to share some observations that I've made over the last few weeks. I could provide countless other examples, but for simplicity let's just review one. Also this post is being written in May 2014. That means Penguin and Panda in […]
  • How to Get High Authority Backlinks
    You may have hundreds or thousands of backlinks pointing to your website. But how much value are they actually delivering? You need to shift from the old quantity based mindset to one that focused on quality. Let me share a great example of what even a single high authority (and trusted) backlink can do. Continue […]
  • 22 Ways to Improve Your Website
    Your website is like your car. It needs ongoing maintenance and attention if you want it running in top shape. Of course there are plenty of areas to focus on, I tried to simplify the process by breaking down 22 key areas important for both web design ans SEO. Check out the inforgraphic at the […]
  • 5 Ways to Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website
    Backlinks are the backbone your SEO strategy. But they are certainly not the only factor. It's estimated there are at least 200+ factors Google considers when ranking your website. The only problem is that a good number are not exactly controllable by you. All is not lost, I’m going to breakdown 5 that do impact […]